Case Studies

Most of our developments are wireless and many embed RFOS, but not all. We deliver broad product development skills and deep RF expertise.

We are grateful to our clients for their permission to share some of our work.

Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Wireless Tank Monitoring System

    Situation: Our client marketed a tank level monitoring system that included a cell phone with each level-monitoring sensor. This approach was very costly and required their users to change batteries more often than was desirable. The client licensed Venture’s RFOS technology to replace the costly cell phone based radios and asked us to customize the […]

  • Tank Farm Monitoring

    The Situation: Our customer is a manufacturer that acquired an older tank measurement product line in need of an upgrade.  Costly and difficult to obtain components needed to be replaced, and communication capability needed to be extended, while maintaining connection compatibility with current products. Our Approach: Venture worked with the client to understand both the […]

  • Outdoor lighting on mesh network

    Situation Our client – a leading player in outdoor lighting – needs wireless command and control systems to make the best use of their ground breaking technology. The commercial case for new lighting technologies ramps up hugely if they are under smart control – on or off when needed; multi-level brightness settings for power conservation; […]

  • 1000+ node Hygiene Monitoring Network

    The Situation: Our customer sells dispensers of hand cleansing products for use in institutional settings such as hospitals and food preparation establishments. Their customers have established hand sanitization policies but needed a way to verify whether their staff was operating in compliance with those policies. Low incremental cost to the dispenser product and maintenance-free operation […]