Product Development

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  • Complete development of Eleme / Cynosure SmoothShapes product
  • Development of remotely communicating Analyzer for Invensys’ Foxboro Company
  • Development of aftermarket Power Pack for Nintendo Gameboy
  • High Concentration Ozone Analyzers for IN USA
  • Electronics subsystems for iRobot Rgator autonomous vehicle
  • Electronics development for KIVA Systems industrial warehousing robots
  • Commercial for Matrix Pipettor developed by Venture Technologies
  • Development of Matrix pipetting system for Themo Fisher
  • Development of prototype through-wall imager for Walleye
  • Complete development of remote IR industrial temperature sensor unit for Williamson
  • Development of rechargeable battery pack for remote storage units
  • Development of Zoll PD1200 Defibrillator
  • Development of control electronics for various iRobot robots, including PackBot
  • Development of Electronic Pipettors for Thermo Scientific
  • Development of Credence ASL2000 Mixed Signal Test Station
  • Protoype xray scanner and other developments for American Science & Engineering
  • Complete development of Comrex Accesss wireless audio system
  • Complete electronics systems for CYBEX Excercise machines
  • Datamarine Dart – Loran system
  • Alternative text
  • Development of a range of thermostats for Columbus Electric
Through our talented, multidisciplinary staff, Venture offers a comprehensive range of engineering and design services.

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