About Us

At Venture, we are passionate about developing products that work better, and we have been delivering on that passion for over 30 years. Our principle expertise is wireless products.

In the last decade, as we have seen wireless become more and more ubiquitous, we have made it our mission to be at the forefront of the evolving technologies and to bring the very best in wireless solutions to our client’s product developments.

While our broad product development experience appeals to many, our strongest contribution is bringing wireless capability into products, especially when an “off the shelf” module cannot provide the optimum solution.

Our deepest area of focus within wireless is on truly stand-alone products, i.e. self powered either by harvesting energy from their environment or by using such small amounts of power that batteries can be sealed into the product, outliving the product.

Our RFOS platform offers a fast entry for companies needing to bring wireless onboard quickly, cheaply and to out-perform standard solutions.

In our facility just north of Boston, we focus our main resources on our core wireless and draw on our extended capability in all engineering disciplines as needed.

We develop and maintain close technology partnerships with resources to provide deep capability in processors, radios, energy storage and harvesting.