Venture forms multidisciplinary design teams for each project or program based on our extensive capabilities.

The depth and breadth of the capabilities enable our teams to solve complex technical problems with creative designs. Our capabilities include:

RF Engineering
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Short range wireless devices
  • Point-to-point, star, mesh topologies
  • Low-cost SMT or high-performance hybrid module
  • RF & microwave COTS
  • Circuits through 20GHz (Ku-band)
Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • analog and digital hardware engineering
  • measurement and control interface circuits
  • analog circuit design
  • A/D and D/A circuits
  • motor control design
  • DSP-based designs
  • microprocessor and peripherals design
  • high-speed digital design
  • mixed-signal design
  • ASIC/FPGA design
  • schematic capture and PCB design
  • logic design and verification
Software Engineering
  • software engineering and architecture
  • embedded application development
  • Linux, QNX, VxWorks, Windows and other large-scale operating systems
  • standard and custom multi-tasking real-time operating systems (RTOS)
  • GUI application development
  • PC-based software (desktop and embedded)
  • communications software (including wireless)
  • Web-based interface design
  • high-reliability systems
  • communications protocols
  • Internet appliances
  • device drivers for Linux, BSD, Windows and other operating systems
  • LabVIEW applications
  • self-test
  • networking
Technical Specialties
  • magnetics
  • chromatography
  • reflectometry
  • spectroscopy
  • integrated circuit design
  • thermal simulation
  • precision and high-volume optics
  • ceramics
  • chemistry
  • UL, FDA, CE, and other regulatory bodies
  • high voltage
  • CRTs
  • video algorithms
  • precision capacitive sensing circuits
  • PLC programming
  • digital audio
Mechanical & Industrial Design
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • electronic packaging
  • electro-mechanical devices
  • rapid prototyping and tooling
  • finite element analysis
  • metals, plastics, and ceramics
  • surface treatments
  • manufacturing and production methods
  • thermal and fluid dynamics analysis
  • industrial design and ergonomic analysis
  • precision mechanisms
  • ergonomic design
  • thermal engineering
  • optics engineering

We select team members based on the specific capabilities required for each project. With our strong extended network of experts, we can assemble top-notch teams that hit the ground running.