Our Team

We maintain a diverse team of more than 50 senior engineers and technologists with expertise in a variety of technical and scientific disciplines managed and directed by our core team.

The Venture Team

Don’t worry. You don’t have to wear blue to join the Venture team!

Core technical expertise includes:

  • Wireless design
  • Power and battery management
  • System-level design and architecture
  • Analog and digital hardware engineering
  • Software engineering and architecture
  • Signal processing
  • Sensing, optical, and electro-mechanical devices

Our extended staff also includes specialists who supply support as needed. These specialists include engineers, physicists and chemists, as well as experts in antenna design, RF field modelling, ATEX, thermal and fluids analysis, optics, magnetics, and integrated circuit (IC) design.

Our staff come from a broad range of backgrounds including The Gillette Company, Parkers Brothers, Bowmar, Unitrode Integrated Circuit, MFM Technology, TII Electronics, ADE Corporation, GTE Laboratories, Avco Everett Research Laboratory, IN USA Corporation, Assured Digital, Inc., Scientific Generics, Rover, The Schawbel Corporation, and Concord Computing.

Our technical staff’s breadth and depth enable us to deliver the innovative product designs that fuel your success.

Our Management team  takes responsibility  for the successful delivery of every one of our projects, sets the technical strategy and has been responsible for hundred of successful product launches over the life of the company.

We are always looking for excellent engineering resource to add to to our team.  If you’re interested in exploring further:  Join our Team or Contact Us directly.  we look forward to hearing from you.