Join our Team

As we expand our business to support new clients, we require additional senior level/experienced consultants to join our teams.

If you are a full-time consultant and one of the top people in one of the following areas, please forward your resume and cover letter to

Wireless Network Engineers
Consultants should have extensive expertise in implementing protocol layers above MAC/PY, including complex multiplexing and aggressive power management on 2.4GHz and sub-GHz radios from a variety of manufacturers, particularly Atmel and TI.

Experience should include 802.15.4, TDMA, CDMA, CSMA, and various addressing / pairing / provisioning mechanisms

Capabilities should include:

  • system design and specification
  • modelling & simulation
  • software design
  • software implementation (mostly in C)
  • testing and debugging, including protocol and traffic sniffing
Senior Software / Firmware Engineers
Embedded firmware and software C-language expert. Experience required in the following areas:

  • design and implementation of real-time multitasking software for measurement and control.
  • microprocessors software design and implementation of entire systems
  • familiarity with assembly language.
  • a high level of skill working with 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors, with embedded PCs and DSP chip software experience a plus.
  • ability to work in C++ and to develop Windows applications and drivers, as well as electrical engineering hardware background, are also pluses.
  • the ability to use oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and emulation tools to validate correct software operation and to troubleshoot software/hardware design problems.
  • must demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work both independently and within teams.
Android/Linux/PC Software Engineers
Ideal candidates will have experience in many of the following areas:

  • 5+ years of in-depth Android, Linux, BSD or other modern Unix development experience
  • general embedded systems development experience
  • C/C++ development experience
  • TCP/IP and related network programming experience
  • GUI/X Window System programming
  • PERL, Python, and other scripting languages
  • HTML, XML, PHP, Macromedia Flash, and other Web technologies
  • SQL Database Programming (MySQL, Postgres)
  • uCLinux, uBoot, Denx, and other non-x86 experience
  • kernel and device driver experience
Senior Electrical Engineers
We seek consultants who can work in a fast-paced environment and assist in the design and debugging of analog and digital hardware. Required skills are:

  • 8- and 16-bit microprocessor design
  • power management and energy storage systems
  • analog interface electronic design
  • electronic debugging experience
  • system-level design experience
  • SW background

Must work well with a variety of customers and designs and juggle concurrent efforts. Good communication skills and the ability to work both independently and within teams are essential.

RF Development Engineers
Consultants should have extensive expertise in implementing circuits that communicate at various frequencies utilizing a variety of chipsets. Experience developing RF test equipment also a plus.

RF design experience should include VHF, UHF and microwave, passive and active antennas, communications transmitters, receivers and transceivers, and frequency hopping spread spectrum.

Capabilities should include:

  • circuit design
  • circuit layout
  • circuit-board prototyping
  • system architectural design and analysis
  • link budgets
  • test and measurement
Senior Mechanical Engineers
Technical expertise should include many of the following disciplines:

  • product design
  • design of mechanisms, enclosures, and structures
  • materials (metals, plastics, and ceramics) and surface coatings and treatments
  • sheet metal fabrication, stamping, machining, injection molding, casting, heat transfer and fluid dynamics, vibrations, and kinematics,electro-mechanical: motors, clutches, brakes, and sensors and actuators

Experience in markets such as medical, biotechnology, and instrumentation has particular value for us. Skill sets (tools and technologies) should include SolidWorks, Cosmos, MathCad, and Microsoft Product Suite.

A master’s degree or equivalent in mechanical engineering or related field is required, as are 5+ years of consulting experience.