Why Venture?

Our engineering and wireless expertize along with RFOS, applied within our experienced project management and product development approach get's you there faster, cheaper and with less risk.

Whether you require a complete ‘soup to nuts’ product development or augmentation of your internal staff with an expert wireless team, we are committed to helping you achieve your product goals…. with optimal unit cost and volume scalability.

Our clients choose us because we:

  • Provide unbiased system design and radio system selection
  • Cut wireless product development time and cost using RFOS technology
  • Have over 30 years of product development experience and a solid track record
  • Apply a proven product-development process
  • Design for low unit cost and volume scalability
  • Efficiently provide deep expertize in a broad range of disciplines

Our Value Proposition

With our flexible, responsible teams, multidisciplinary expertise, broad wireless experience and RFOS, Venture offers you a unique value proposition:

  • Designs that provide the lowest product cost
  • Rapid development cycles and fast time to market
  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Scalable platform system architecture that leverages leading-edge technology
  • Cost-effective project management-from product concept to delivery
  • Capabilities that complement your core technical expertise

Our value proposition frees you from having to recruit, support, and train a development team. You pay only for time directly applied to your project. We can also ramp up or terminate a project on short notice-considerably reducing your tangible and intangible costs.

– multidisciplinary teams and RFOS technology means low cost, low risk, rapid deployment.

Our Development Approach
Venture’s expert teams, led by dedicated project managers who control timelines and budgets, form the core of our business model.  We offer:

  • Small, focused teams of senior technical experts
  • Custom teams to optimize each project
  • Highly collaborative with your team as required
  • Multiple disciplines to maximize capabilities
  • An extended pool of more than 50 technical specialists
  • Trained project management
  • A hands-on management group that oversees all teams

We assemble teams based on each project’s unique requirements. Thanks to long experience working together on previous projects, our teams function immediately as highly integrated units and quickly determine the right technology for the job. Each team applies Venture’s proven development methodology to maximize performance throughout the project.

The payoff? We deliver solutions that exceed your requirements.

– expert teams led by experienced project managers.

Designing for Success
Venture has established a solid track record of designing user-friendly products and systems that succeed in the marketplace. Our solid product-development approach, strong technical teams, and experienced managers fuel this success. For each project, we design for success by:

  • Starting with a well-defined product specification
  • Identifying the technical risks and addressing them
  • Evaluating and selecting the optimal technical solution
  • Generating IP, including patents for you to protect your product
  • Developing clear project milestones
  • Continually tracking development progress
  • Communicating regularly with you

The benefits to you? A stellar product that meets your market requirements and business goals.

– well structured design process means optimal solutions and lower development risk