Case Study

BigLeash – long range, low power in tough environment

The Situation:
Dogwatch has been a
premier manufacturer of hidden dog fence products since 1990. They wished to extend their product line by adding a dog trainer product. This new product required handheld device design expertise and bidirectional wireless functionality. Dogwatch engaged Venture to execute this entire design for them.

Our Approach:
Venture customized our wireless RFOS technology to meet the wireless communication performance requirements of the Big Leash, including the difficulty of wireless communication very low to the ground and range of over ½ mile. Venture designed in a small LCD display to the product, greatly enhancing product performance at a small incremental cost. Based upon initial success in USA, Venture added wireless communication capability at an internationally accepted frequency to extend the product to a worldwide market.

The Result:
The product has provided Dogwatch with a unique entry in the pet market.