Case Study

NIR Spectrometer – Intrinsically safe

Axsun’s IntegraSpec™ NIR micro-spectroscopy Axsun externals

Situation: Our client required the development of electronics for a new NIR micro-spectroscopy portable instrument.  This new product needed to be small, yet laboratory grade with rock-solid stability that delivers high-resolution spectra in less than a second, even under harsh process conditions.

Solution: Our project team designed and implemented an architecture using the Analog Devices Blackfin processor to provide the speed at low power.  The software provided a friendly user interface, quick accurate results while minimizing power to give long battery life.

A second act variation on the platform was also designed to meet Intrinsic Safety.  This was a significant challenge with the complexity of the circuit and power required for the thermoelectric cooling elements.

Result: The new product line successfully solved many customers’ needs and provided our client with a platform that simultaneously provides breakthrough improvements in resolution, accuracy, stability and speed, and all in an extremely compact footprint.