Markets & Applications

Our primary focus is on the market areas where the emergence of low cost, ultra low power radio enables new functionality, performance and options.

We work in (and RFOS is deployed in) many market areas. While embedded wireless development for industrial, consumer and commercial products are the core of our experience, we also work in other areas such as military, healthcare and professional audio.
<!-- z -->Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

Networks of wireless sensors (and controllers) are moving from high value, high cost applications to ubiquitous application. As the cost of adding wireless drops and the ability to make devices ...

<!-- w -->Industrial & Commercial

Industrial & Commercial

Wireless Communications are certainly not new to Industrial applications. Technologies and standards abound, including Zigbee, wirelessHART, ISA100 and 6LoWPAN. For ‘mainstream’ applications, such as process plant SCADA systems, a choice ...

<!-- t -->Smart Cities & Campuses

Smart Cities & Campuses

The huge trend towards urbanization can only be sustainable if we make our cities smart. Smart to regulate themselves, make life safe and pleasant for the occupants and maximize efficiency ...

<!-- q -->Consumer Products

Consumer Products

It’s an exciting time for consumer products. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten used to wireless connectivity for consumer electronics: Bluetooth headsets; Wifi and 3G products like e-books; networked ...