Consumer Products

Low cost, low power wireless capability will take wireless into every category of product. Venture is ready to make this happen.

It’s an exciting time for consumer products. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten used to wireless connectivity for consumer electronics: Bluetooth headsets; Wifi and 3G products like e-books; networked GPS; more cell phones than people.

However, this is just the beginning and the future will see ubiquitous wireless connectivity. Venture is active right at the core of this trend.

Integrating standards based radio like Z-wave, ANT, Bluetooth and BLE will be necessary where interoperability is important. However, in many cases, the penalty paid in cost and performance will point to a customized RFOS solution. Even in cases where interoperability is necessary, there are instances where we have found that a second RFOS radio increases performance and can reduce overall system cost

New Products that are possible only because of the performance/cost ratio achievable with RFOS
  • E.g. a remote control dog trainer: electric fence on demand – the battery powered radio in the dogs collar is only feasible due to the low cost, long battery life and performance in a challenging RF environment
  • Smart sports devices – Venture is currently developing wireless sports monitoring devices incorporating ANT, GPS, wifi and RFOS

Existing Products that will be improved by wireless connectivity
  • Toys, e.g. the award winning “Bop-It”
  • Appliances
  • Entertainment, including
  • Consumer HVAC controls
  • Health & Wellness


Any and all Products that will use wireless internally
  • hi-fidelity wireless audio
  • With the Bluetooth Low Energy roadmap set to deliver complete radios for 20c, there is nowhere that radio will not be an option, as radio becomes lower cost than wires and connectors, e.g. wireless refrigerator doors.