We are pleased to partner with the following organisations


We are an advanced design partner for Atmel, testing and incorporating many new features of their RF devices.

Infinite Power Solutions

As a leader in thin film batteries, we are pleased to partner with IPS to provide ultra low profile and very long life energy harvesting based solutions, particularly for smart and embedded sensor nodes.


Part of the same Boston area technology cluster as Venture, Mide are experts in piezo materials and have a suit of vibrational energy harvesting solutions that we can use.   We can work with Mide to create custom designed solutions optimized for specific applications.

TI Platinum Design Network

Recognized as a platinum design partner for TI, we frequently use their RF and micro-controller devices.  RFOS is often, though not exclusively build on a TI based hardware platform


We are certified as a Master Design Partner of Microchip and frequently use their ultra low power devices as part of the total product designs that we implement.