Case Studies

Most of our developments are wireless and many embed RFOS, but not all. We deliver broad product development skills and deep RF expertise.

We are grateful to our clients for their permission to share some of our work.

Commercial Applications

  • Microwave “through-wall” hand-held imager

    Situation Startup, Walleye Technologies, had some core patented millimeter wave imaging technology to enable a lightweight, low-cost  “X-ray” vision unit to allow users to see through walls.  To get to the next stage of the companies evolution they needed a prototype to demonstrate the product concept, and this required a product development team with a […]

  • Mass Merchant Retail Store Messaging System

    Client’s Goal: A client needed a messaging device to be incorporated into the handle of shopping carts at retail clients. Challenge: The device will accept marketing messages transmitted to it from a location within the retail store, and the message will be displayed on an LCD panel incorporated into the device.  The client had incorporated […]

  • Loran Transmitter System Reengineering and Redesign

    Situation: Our client asked us to redesign, prototype, and test five upgraded cards in a card-cage subsystem for their Loran (LOng RAnge Navigation – a pre-GPS terrestrial radio navigation system) transmitter. The current cards had been designed over 20 years ago. Though fully functional, they had obsolete components and needed upgrading. Solution: We began the […]

  • High Quality Wireless Audio for Handheld Internet

    The Challenge: Our client, Comrex, has been in the business of producing products that move broadcast-quality audio over a variety of links (telephone lines, ISDN telephone lines, GSM and other cellular technologies, etc.) for many years. With the near universal availability of the Internet, both in wired and wireless form, it was a natural choice […]

  • 1000+ node Hygiene Monitoring Network

    The Situation: Our customer sells dispensers of hand cleansing products for use in institutional settings such as hospitals and food preparation establishments. Their customers have established hand sanitization policies but needed a way to verify whether their staff was operating in compliance with those policies. Low incremental cost to the dispenser product and maintenance-free operation […]