Products & Services

Venture designs and develops products that analyze, measure, control, and communicate. Our RFOS technology allows us to do this better, faster and with less NRE cost.

We have a proven track record of delivering innovative, proprietary product solutions to meet our clients’ goals.  Our specialities are in:

  • Full product development – Specification; design; electronics, mechanical & software engineering; prototyping; management; transfer to manufacture.
  • Wireless systems – Especially, but not exclusively, in the license free bands with ultra low power, low cost or special demands of range, response, network configuration.
  • Highly integrated wireless products – Designing the wireless and product electronics on the same PCB, and often on the same chip dramatically reduces cost and footprint.
  • Low power design – Deep power management, battery, management and energy harvesting all contribute to low power product, not just the wireless component.


We work with you from the product conceptualization stage to finished product design, ensuring that your product can be manufactured on time, within budget, and at the lowest unit cost.

Our teams can handle projects and programs ranging from standalone products to highly complex systems. They can also augment your internal teams as needed.

Our commitment? To optimize system and product architecture to maximize your product’s performance and flexibility.

We welcome the opportunity to conduct a confidential proposal review of your next project or program. Please contact us!