Low Power Design

We specialize in ultra low power electronics design and battery powered systems. And not always with a radio in them!

Most of the products that we develop are ultra-low power;  indeed, one of the primary reasons for using RFOS is to drive down energy consumption.  Of course, it is no use having an ultra low power radio if the rest of the product draws lots of power! Consequentially, we are expert in driving down energy usage.

Examples of our relevant expertise include:

  • Deep experience of low voltage systems.
  • System and software architectures designed to make maximum use of low power devices’ power saving schemes.
  • Redesign of other drive electronics, such as LCD drives, to minimize power consumption.
  • Experience with battery management to maximize life.
  • Selection of appropriate battery technologies for specific applications.
  • Experience with optimizing charging / discharging circuits.
  • Use of energy harvesting devices and charge / voltage matching.