What others say about us.

Venture continues to rank, in our minds, as an exceptional company, and one we would do business with in a milli-second…

My experience with Venture has been great! We use Venture to provide added “bench depth” to our team, to handle surges in our workload, and to provide specialized expertise in areas we couldn’t otherwise afford. Adding Venture to our team has allowed us to make much more progress in a much shorter period of time than would have been possible otherwise. I highly recommend them!

Venture championed a complete product development for Foxboro. Starting from a vague list of product requirements, Venture was able to define concrete functional specifications, architect an initial proof of concept, and then staff a complete design effort. The experienced team of contributors, that Venture assembled specifically for us, helped ensure the success of our aggressive development effort.

We continue to be impressed with the great team at Venture, and feel fortunate to have met them. Our project came together with an extraordinary level of precision and professionalism.  They are a team that clearly understands the collaborative nature of technical development; our ideas were enthusiastically embraced when rational, and fairly challenged when not. We were routinely surprised by the level of creativity and certainty with which they approached problems, and with the level of care and customer service they provided us. Not only has Venture performed for us, they are also the nicest bunch of folks we have worked with. It will be our pleasure to work with Venture again.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for being such a good partner over the last 5 years. The high performance product line that your team helped us develop along with the continued support you have given through these years has allowed us to improve our market share and enter markets that would not have been possible without the innovative features included in the new line.

We chose Venture for their innovative approach and capability of designing complex products. Their simple but elegant solutions have helped us enormously over all these years.

We selected Venture because of the depth and breadth of their Technical Team. We are preparing to manufacture a high volume product off-shore and we needed a virtual engineering partner. Their ability to respond to our requirements was outstanding.

Seacoast Technologies was able to hit a major milestone this week, with the use of our equipment on the first human patient: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the support you have given us getting to this point. There is no question in my mind that we could not have accomplished any of this without Venture’s contributions. We truly appreciate your technical and emotional involvement in Seacoast, and we look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.