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Venture’s Wireless Solution Lowers Per Unit Cost, Again

The Wireless Thermostat Case Study  

The Challenge: When TPI Corporation reached out to Venture, it was because of a shared history working on thermostats. TPI needed Venture to design a product that not only enabled homeowners to better control room temperature, but had a long battery life, and an acceptable cost per unit.


The Solution: The flexibility of RFOS wireless solution strikes again

The whole benefit of RFOS is that it has the flexibility to optimize the approach to meet the customer’s needs. RFOS in general has always addressed the issue of getting to the lowest cost per unit cost. The components of the modules are very cost efficient. Additionally, Venture had experience with low drain for long battery life and applied that in this case. The other aspect to keeping the cost down is that the microprocessor that is used for the radio function is also used for the thermostat function (interface function), so you don’t need 2 different microprocessors. Combine that with integration on one PC board, and we’ve lowered product costs even further.

The Result:
Venture created a new wireless thermostat product design at an efficient per unit cost for TPI. There is no need for a wire to run from the thermostat to the heating unit, it is easy to install, and users can change heating and cooling settings without leaving the comfort of their chair.

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