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Examples of Wireless Applications Driving Smart Cities

What does a “smart city” know that others don’t? A smart city knows how to monitor, optimize, and control its infrastructure and resources to accommodate a growing population more efficiently and with higher quality of life. Example systems that require ongoing management include utilities, transport, waste, infrastructure and pollution, to name a few. The underlying enabling technologies play to Venture’s long established strengths in monitoring, analyzing, controlling and communicating data.

Wireless capabilities are at the heart of smart city buzz. You will hear about sensors and energy harvesting, but it’s actually the low cost and ultra-low powered wireless (battery free, or “battery for life”) that is triggering no less than a revolution – with applications limited only by the imagination. The impacts of the efficiencies are extremely far-reaching. Here are a couple of examples that are already happening:

The Wireless “Valet” Knows Where to Park

Imagine parking meters smart enough to sense if there is a car in its space, so people can drive right to an open spot. The savings are numerous: less fuel, less time, and less infrastructure required by people who know exactly where they are driving. How do you get all of these meters to communicate with each other? That’s Venture’s (affordable) part of the solution. Then leave it to the cell phone companies to communicate with the consumer.

Wireless Lights the Way

Imagine the efficiencies of street lights that know what they need to provide lighting for, so as you are walking thru a parking garage at 2am, motion-sensing lights follow you, lighting your way without the 24/7 light pollution that we’ve become accustomed to. And the lights turn off when you leave. Additionally, imagine the savings of knowing when a light is about to fail and changing just what’s needed when it’s needed. Venture’s RFOS wireless solution is underpinning just such systems, as you can read below.

But what about your product? What would you do if adding wireless was free?

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