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    Over 30 years of
    Product Design
    and Development

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  • <!--u -->Industrial & Wireless Sensor Networks Industrial & Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Very long battery life
    • Harsh environmental conditions
    • Condition Monitoring
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  • <!--p -->Smart Cities Smart Cities
    • Ubiquitous wireless sensor networks
    • Low cost, place & forget
    • Ad-hoc, self healing
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  • <!--l -->RFOS from Venture RFOS from Venture
    • Modular, customizable design
    • Fully integratable
    • Flexible – hardware, protocols, topologies
    • For truly optimized product designs
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  • <!--j-->Not all wireless Not all wireless

    Case Study – Industrial Sensor

    • Digital sensor interface
    • Efficient auto-calibration
    • No wireless component
    • Venture retained for sensor electronics skills
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  • <!--h -->Ultra-low power Ultra-low power

    Case Study – Wireless promotional display

    • Hundreds of messages
    • Frequent updates
    • Batteries outlive typical cart life
    • Low enough cost to be disposable
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Product Development in a Wireless World




Venture continues to rank, in our minds, as an exceptional company, and one we would do business with in a milli-second…

Kirby Pilcher, President, Artel, Inc

Embedded Systems & Product Development

Overloaded development team? Need a refresh? Skeleton crew startup?
Analog, digital, mixed signal, firmware, FPGA, nanoamps, microseconds, gigahertz, SPI, 802.15.4, UL, FCC…and more...all spoken here!

Application Specific Integrated Wireless

We speak Bluetooth, WiFi, ANT, etc.
Need lowest power and lowest cost?
Or need more range, response, bandwidth, #units?
Venture's RFOS is a customizable radio platform that can be integrated into your product's micro!

Why Use Venture ?

Venture has supported the Boston-area high tech community with embedded systems engineering for over 30 years.
We serve nationwide both technically excellent Fortune 500s and for startups.