Case Study

Tank Farm Monitoring

The Situation:
Our customer is a manufacturer that acquired an older tank measurement product line in need of an upgrade.  Costly and difficult to obtain components needed to be replaced, and communication capability needed to be extended, while maintaining connection compatibility with current products.

Our Approach:
Venture worked with the client to understand both the overall scope as well as details of the new product, contributing many key ideas along the way.  Together we developed a specification that delivered both the new capabilities and the required communication compatability with existing products.  Venture made a key addition to the definition, eliminating the need for an $800 handheld unit to aid in installation by the addition of an LCD display to the data collection component of the system.  Along with that added cost benefit, Venture also incorporated software-based measurement technology into the tank measurement sensor, opening a growth path for the future, enabling the customer to envision and create higher precision instruments to meet special market needs.

The Result:
The product delivered all anticipated manufacturing and sourcing cost benefits, and also enables the customer to satisfy new market needs in the future.

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