Markets and Applications

Venture Technologies’ Wireless underpins many application spaces. Some are well established, but many are are at the leading edge of fundamental changes in teh way that we wil live our lives. Some of the more prominent include

Why Use Application-Specific Integrated Wireless?

The promise and opportunity of wireless device connectivity is enormous.  Some observers have identified the “Internet of Things” and Machine to Machine Communications as being bigger and more impactful than the explosion of the internet itself.  Will your product and market be impacted?  Almost certainly. [right_text_box]5 Myths of Zigbee 1. Low Power – Yes, compared […]

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What would your product do, if it knew its location?

By now of course we’re all familiar with GPS and location-aware personal phones and devices.  In principal, the same functionality can be built into any device that has a radio link. While this has been known for many years, the costs reserved this functionality for special applications.  What is about to happen is that this […]

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Smart Cities & Campuses

Venture Technologies is at the forefront of smart city development, providing the wireless systems at the heart of urban utilities and facilities such as lighting. Using our RFOS technology, we are able to provide very low cost and low powered sensing and control nodes which form into ad-hoc mesh networks that collect data, communicate it and then communicate control data.

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