Case Study

Remote IR Temperature Measurement

Situation: Our client required a new line of infrared temperature-measuring equipment to monitor or control high temperatures in industries such as aluminum and steel manufacturing. The original product-featuring an all-analog design-required many hours (and sometimes days) to calibrate.

Solution: case6 temp sensorOur project team designed and implemented a digital approach with a wide dynamic range, detector signal conditioning and high accuracy A/D converter. The new design used one main digital board and display board for the entire product line. We architected the design to use detector boards and software specific to each version, to enable the client to produce the product line cost effectively. All products in the new line could be digitally calibrated within 15 minutes, and the built-in intelligence would enable accurate temperature measurement under adverse conditions and over wide temperature ranges.

Result: The new product line successfully solved more of our client’s customer needs with fewer SKUs to cover all the temperature ranges. Consequently, our client has gained market share and improved its profit margins.