Case Study

Swing Groover – Golf Trainer

case7-golfSituation:Venture saw an opportunity to provide a device for the golf-practice market. We envisioned a game product that would indicate the distance, hook, and slice of a user’s practice swing.

Solution: We created the Swing Groover, which features an LCD providing a numeric distance reading and graphic display of the degree of hook or slice. To develop this product, we created a new sensor technology and complementary electronics, as well as the required hardware, software, sense mechanism, and housing.

Result: The Swing Groover enables golfers to improve their game-all while having fun. We’ve licensed this product in five different versions for companies including The Sharper Image, Brookstone, and various outlets in Europe and Asia. We continue to support our licensees with other premium golf-related products, such as the Executive Putting Cup and the PC Tour Personal Golf Simulator.