Case Study

Loran Transmitter System Reengineering and Redesign

Situation: Our client asked us to redesign, prototype, and test five upgraded cards in a card-cage subsystem for their Loran (LOng RAnge Navigation – a pre-GPS terrestrial radio navigation system) transmitter. The current cards had been designed over 20 years ago. Though fully functional, they had obsolete components and needed upgrading.

Solution: We began the work by analyzing each card’s circuits and components and formulating a strategy for ensuring that the cards remained up-to-date for more than 15 years. We configured the design effort into two distinct technical stages:

  1. System architecture and proof of concept: We tested the highest risk item-the use of 3.3V CPLD Ics-to replace the integrated logic chips.
  2. Addition of extra CPLD test circuitry: This step enabled the client to test the standard required functionality as well as the CPLD functionality.

Result: Venture delivered an enhanced transmitter solution, eliminated the subsystem’s obsolete components, and reduced the subsystem’s cost.