Case Study

Microwave “through-wall” hand-held imager


Startup, Walleye Technologies, had some core patented millimeter wave imaging technology to enable a lightweight, low-cost  “X-ray” vision unit to allow users to see through walls.  To get to the next stage of the companies evolution they needed a prototype to demonstrate the product concept, and this required a product development team with a deep understanding of RF design theory.

Our Approach

While not a wireless system, the technical capabilities needed to create a functional prototype needed the skills found at Venture. Venture’s team comprised of hardware, software and mechanical experts who worked with Walleye to develop an innovative and low cost design.


The device weighs less than 3 lb. (1.4 kg) and will cost less than $500 to manufacture — it’s smaller and cheaper than previous microwave imaging equipment — and it emits less radiation than a cell phone.  Walleye was able to show prototypes to land new customers, prior to finalizing market-ready versions.

For more information, read our news release