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Venture’s client, Walleye, recognized by Time Magazine

Walleye partners with Venture to Develop an Industry First

TIME puts invention on list of “Top 50 Inventions for 2009”

Walleye Technologies worked with Venture to develop a handheld microwave camera that lets you see through walls. The device weighs less than 3 lb. (1.4 kg) and will cost less than $500 — it’s smaller and cheaper than previous microwave imaging equipment — and it emits less radiation than a cell phone. It will be in hardware stores this year, according to

Walleye leveraged Venture for prototype development: Venture brought its expertise to the design and development of the early prototypes of the device. A team comprised of hardware, software and mechanical experts were used to provide an innovative and low cost design.. Chris Adams CEO of Walleye was  able to show prototypes to land new customers for Walleye, prior to finalizing market-ready versions. Walleye CTO, Dave Holbrook is the scientist and systems designer who created the core IP and microwave optics for the system.

Walleye’s patent-pending microwave technology platform generates high quality digital images that allow users to see through solid objects and display, store, analyze and transmit images. The Walleye technology is based on the field of long wavelength imaging systems, in particular, millimeter wave imaging systems. Walleye’s ability to deliver the benefits of this technology in a portable, handheld, battery powered device is an industry first. Leading applications include industrial inspections, homeland security checks, commercial and residential construction.

All images of objects were taken behind a ¾ inch drywall


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