Case Study


The Wireless Thermostat Case Study   The Challenge: When TPI Corporation reached out to Venture, it was because of a shared history working on thermostats. TPI needed Venture to design a product that not only enabled homeowners to better control room temperature, but had a long battery life, and an acceptable cost per unit.   The Solution: The flexibility of RFOS wireless solution strikes ...


The Challenge: Our client, Comrex, has been in the business of producing products that move broadcast-quality audio over a variety of links (telephone lines, ISDN telephone lines, GSM and other cellular technologies, etc.) for many years.  With the near universal availability of the Internet, both in wired and wireless form, ...


Walleye partners with Venture to Develop an Industry First TIME puts invention on list of “Top 50 Inventions for 2009” Walleye Technologies worked with Venture to develop a handheld microwave camera that lets you see through walls. The device weighs less ...