Venture fields the heavy hitters in hardware, software, and mechanical design to make your product a reality. We act as your springboard from the back-of-a-napkin to a manufactured product. We supply just the skills your product or your team needs, from analog or digital design to Bluetooth or WiFi communication, including all the zeroes and ones in between! So give us a call... ...


R&D in RF Energy Harvesting

Researchers at the University of Washington's Networks and Wireless Lab have taken a novel approach to self powered device communications, using ambient RF energy to both power a device and provide a communication channel - up to 1kb/s.  Ambient sources can be almost anything - TV, Wifi, cellular.  ...


Highlights from Sensors Expo 2013

[pullquote_right]How was Sensors Expo 2013 for Venture? In a nutshell:  Intense. [/pullquote_right]From the moment the doors opened, both Chase and I were deep in non-stop conversations with folks that wanted to know more about what RFOS could do.  As the show was packing up and booths were being dismantled, we were still in deep conversations!  Here are some of ...


>Myth one: Zigbee is low power
>Myth Two: Zigbee is low cost
>Myth Three: Zigbee is an ‘easy’ development, with low NRE and fast design cycle
>Myth Four: Zigbee is an ad-hoc, self healing network
>Myth Five: Zigbee is long range


3 New Wireless Application Areas Spurred by RFOS

RFOS, Venture’s wireless M2M technology, continues to prove to be the route to low-cost, long-range and ultra-low-power wireless application solutions. We thought we’d round up some of our most recent application evaluations fueled by our previous innovations including our outdoor lighting controls,


Protected: Smart Shopping Cart Video View

  Smart shopping cart.


Geoff Waite

As VP Strategy & Business Development, Geoff brings many years experience of developing technology and innovation strategies for large and small companies and developing high tech products for them.


Machine 2 Machine Communications: RFOS Enables Last 100 Feet

The RFOS Bandwidth Difference As Venture constituents become more familiar with the capabilities of our RFOS wireless solution, they often ask about the relationship between RFOS and WiFi. In summary, RFOS is neither superior to nor inferior to WiFi, it simply serves a different purpose, largely involving the “last 100 feet” of a wireless connectivity solution. Often, both technologies can ...


The Wireless Thermostat Case Study   The Challenge: When TPI Corporation reached out to Venture, it was because of a shared history working on thermostats. TPI needed Venture to design a product that not only enabled homeowners to better control room temperature, but had a long battery life, and an acceptable cost per unit.   The Solution: The flexibility of RFOS wireless solution strikes ...


Is RFOS made for you?  As an electronic product development company, one of the reasons clients engage Venture is to lower their per-unit product costs. Because of the breadth of industry situations we’ve encountered over the last two decades, we’ve had to get creative in our approach, a number of times. One area which we’ve become experienced at leveraging is wireless ...