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5 Ways to Tell if Wireless is Key to Lowering your Product Cost

Is RFOS made for you? 

As an electronic product development company, one of the reasons clients engage Venture is to lower their per-unit product costs. Because of the breadth of industry situations we’ve encountered over the last two decades, we’ve had to get creative in our approach, a number of times. One area which we’ve become experienced at leveraging is wireless communications. So frequently has it become our “go to” solution, that we’ve been able to package a proprietary service, which we call RFOS, to enable low-cost data communications. We integrate RFOS into your products for, quite simply, the lowest-cost route to volume production.

Can you benefit from RFOS? Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to start the investigation:

  1. Do you need to connect different aspects of your products?
  2. Do you have the expense of connecting product parts with wire – or connecting data to the internet (for metering or monitoring)?
  3. Do you need (or want) to capture status from multiple devices?
  4. Do connect products to the web, gather data and report back?
  5. Do you sell any products at all where you have cut the wires?


Still not sure if RFOS is for you? Read on, or click here for a free consultation


If you were adding wireless to 100-200 products – you could go out and buy a box for $20, but if you’re building it into a product and want to make thousands, you need the lowest cost per unit.

RFOS can use the chip that is already in the product – that’s why you can’t get anything less expensive. The same chip that runs your product can run our radio. If we share time with one micro-processor, we are expert at making it seem like it’s functioning continually all the time, it splits between the 2 functions seamlessly. What is a millionth of a second between friends anyway?

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