Design Review

Design review is a critical component of successful developments. Our team treats reviews as second nature on any projects, and we run formal design reviews on larger programs.

Our design-review process is adopted on our ongoing projects to ensure that we make the best design decisions at every step of the process.  We will also apply our review process to a development, not of our own and this discrete service has served our clients in many ways. Typical assignments have included:

  • Cost reducing a current design.
  • Identifying the cause of product failures.
  • Enhancing or extending a product family.
  • Introducing new technologies into an existing product.

We begin by working with you to specify product requirements and design-review goals. This documentation defines the challenge at hand and lays out our plan for successfully meeting that challenge. Next we provide a timeline and budget for the design-review process.

Through spirited discussion among our multidisciplinary team members, brainstorming sessions, and reviews of technology, we generate fresh ideas and determine our approaches. We meet with you regularly to ensure that our analysis meets your market needs and project goals. And we document all decisions and ideas.

Through our disciplined design review, we identify promising new opportunities for you and lay the groundwork for any future development work you may desire.