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Top Wireless Product Development Articles of 2013

Thank you for keeping up with our e-news and blog articles throughout the year. We know that you don’t always have time for industry reading, so we thought we’d summarize some of our more popular write ups for you.

What Would your Product do if it Knew its Location? Today, each time you assemble or modify your system, you have to identify which node is which radio, maybe using a bar code, or an RFID tag, or even manual entry. Now imagine that you set out your installation, hit the “configure” button, and it is all done for you. Read more>>>

3 New Wireless Application Areas Spurred by RFOS, Venture’s wireless M2M technology, continues to prove to be the route to low-cost, long-range and ultra-low-power wireless application solutions. We thought we’d round up some of our most recent application evaluations fueled by our previous innovations including our outdoor lighting controls, wireless door lock controls, wireless hand sanitizing stations, wireless thermostats, and much more. Read more>>>

Why Use Application Specific Integrated Wireless? So, you’re thinking of adding a wireless to your product. Maybe you’re considering direct Wi-Fi or cellular but, because of power usage, cost or other reasons, those are just not practical solutions and so you’re evaluating local wireless data networks. Read more>>>

Five Myths about Zigbee to Consider Before Selecting a Wireless Solution for your Application Simply put: the dilemma of universal vs. optimized. Zigbee is a standard: intended to provide interoperability in many market areas. That is both its strength and its weakness. Read more>>>



Highlights from Sensors Expo 2013 From the moment the doors opened we were deep in non-stop conversations with folks who wanted to know more about what RFOS could do. Read more>>>

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