Highlights from Sensors Expo 2013

[pullquote_right]How was Sensors Expo 2013 for Venture? In a nutshell:  Intense. [/pullquote_right]From the moment the doors opened, both Chase and I were deep in non-stop conversations with folks that wanted to know more about what RFOS could do.  As the show was packing up and booths were being dismantled, we were still in deep conversations!  Here are some of ...


>Myth one: Zigbee is low power
>Myth Two: Zigbee is low cost
>Myth Three: Zigbee is an ‘easy’ development, with low NRE and fast design cycle
>Myth Four: Zigbee is an ad-hoc, self healing network
>Myth Five: Zigbee is long range


The promise and opportunity of wireless device connectivity is enormous.  Some observers have identified the “Internet of Things” and Machine to Machine Communications as being bigger and more impactful than the explosion of the internet itself.  Will your product and market be impacted?  Almost certainly. [right_text_box]5 Myths of Zigbee 1. Low Power – Yes, compared with Bluetooth or wifi, but nowhere near ...


Venture @ Sensors Expo, in June

Venture is pleased to be taking part at the Sensors Expo & Conference this year: [bulletlist] Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL June 4-6, 2013 [/bulletlist] We will be located Booth #1130 in the Wireless Pavilion on the main expo floor. We look forward to seeing you there.  If you would like arrange to meet us ...


By now of course we're all familiar with GPS and location-aware personal phones and devices.  In principal, the same functionality can be built into any device that has a radio link. While this has been known for many years, the costs reserved this functionality for special applications.  What is about ...


January 8, 2013. Waltham, MA. Join us for a fascinating and instructive evening as we join a set of co-presenters and share insights on how start-ups can tackle product prototyping and development. Click here for details: Product Development and Prototype Strategies in a Startup | ENET | IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs' Network.


Medical devices, radio powered by the ear itself – MIT

Here is an interesting view to the future from a joint team from MIT, Harvard and the Mass.  Eye & Ear Infirmary:  a micro radio, implanted into the inner ear and powered by a natural battery that all mammals have in the ear. Many interesting challenges addressed in the process, including[bulletlist] Ultra low power, ...


Examples of Wireless Applications Driving Smart Cities

What does a “smart city” know that others don’t? A smart city knows how to monitor, optimize, and control its infrastructure and resources to accommodate a growing population more efficiently and with higher quality of life. Example systems that require ongoing management include utilities, transport, waste, infrastructure and pollution, to name a few. The underlying enabling technologies play to Venture’s ...


The Key to Protecting your Product Design Knowledge Base

With mergers, acquisitions, regulatory changes and re-orgs, one of the unexpected benefits to leveraging an outside product design firm can be consistency. This is not always the case of course. Some contract engineering firms are a revolving door of talent. If you pick up a project months, nevermind years down the road, you won’t access the original talent base. However, ...


Protected: Smart Shopping Cart Video View

  Smart shopping cart.